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Telefon/fax : 359-2167, 06-30-231-9194

E-mail: info@unimet.hu
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About us
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Welcome to Unimet's homepage!

The company Unimet was founded 1988 by Hungarian private persons. It was one of the first companies in the dental trading and servicing branch.

Our aim is to provide our costumers with high quality products at reasonable prices.

We import dental products mainly from the following renowned companies:

  • Busch (D)

rotating instruments

  • Dorident (A)

dental materials

  • FKG (CH)

endodontic products, matrices

  • Frasaco (D)

study models, strip crowns

  • Carl Martin (D)

hand instruments

  • Mariotti and C. s.r.l. (IT)

implantology-surgery motors

  • Newmed S.r.l. (IT)

Class B autoclaves, foil-sealing machine, water-distiller
bleaching lamp

  • TeKne Dental s.r.l. (IT)

turbines, micromotors, couplings, curing lamp, scalers, hoses

The imported products are distributed throughout Hungary also by our partner companies.